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Lobby Card Auction 1918-1998
Has Begun

125 Listings of Vintage Lobby Cards including cards for This Gun For Hire, Queen of Outer Space, I Married a Monster From Outer Space, Raiders of the Lost Ark, White Pongo, Bogart in several films including original cards from King of the Underworld. There are numerous horror & science fiction titles, some serials, excellent cards for Batman with Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Blues Brothers, a wonderul card from Munsters Go Home, Jack Pickford in Mile-a-Minute Kendall (1918) and Bobby Vernon in Great Guns (1925). There are several James Cagney lobby cards, Bowery Boys/Dead End Kids, the Falcon and Bostom Blackie, Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock, Boris Karloff in British Intelligence, Laurel & Hardy in Block-Heads and so much more... and there are lots of other great titles here.
Some of the featured movie posters in this auction...
Bidding Always Starts at Just $5.00 With No Reserves!

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We have loads of posters to sell!

Look at these pictures!
In the past year, I have brought in over 100,000 posters and other items from collections. Look at these pictures, including all of this material below from just one deal! I have to sell!!!!!

I have folded posters, lobby cards, rolled modern posters, oversized 40x60 posters and I also have loads of bus stops and vinyl banners. This material will be listed in either auctions or store listings for set sale.

I'll be having some special sales soon, including a great auction of nothing but top-quality posters.. Don't be left out.. Bid or Buy.. MPB.auction!
http://www.movieposterbid.com/images/lots_of_boxes_027.jpg lots_of_boxes_045.jpg lots_of_boxes_046.jpg

Coming Auctions Schedule

  • NOTE: These are the End Dates for each auction
  • January 25th- Lobby Cards 1920-1980s including This Gun For Hire
  • February 1st- Folded One Sheets with lots of science fiction & horror and Crime!
  • February 8th- Rolled One Sheets with lots of science fiction & horror
  • February 15th- Lobby Cards or Belgian Movie Posters (still planning)
  • We also have other great auctions coming up, including Japanese posters, oversized & bus shelter posters, 3 & 6 sheet posters and a very Special Auction we have planned for March We hope we have something for you. Check us out weekly